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MetaTrader 4.0 Virtual Tours


At CompassFX, we understand the importance of providing educational tools to our clients. A more informed and knowledgeable trader makes for a better trader.

We have designed online training videos of the MetaTrader 4.0 trading platform. These videos allow us to visually answer some of the most frequently asked questions such as:

"How do I enter and exit a trade?"
"What are the steps to set a trailing stop on an existing position?"
"Can I place a trailing stop on an entry order before it is executed?"
"I want to enter the market when the price retraces. How do I do that?"
"Can I close half of my position and let the other half continue?"
"How do I scale out of a trade?"

These online training videos will show various ways of using this highly functional trading platform.

To view a video, place your cursor over the Flash or MP4 logo and click the left mouse key.

MetaTrader 4.0 Virtual Tours HTML / Flash MP4 / Mobile

MetaTrader 4.0 Platform Overview

MetaTrader 4.0 Toolbars
How to Set a a Market Order & Trailing Stop
How to Set a Pending Order
Using MT4 Indicators
Installing MetaTrader 4.0 Indicators
Creating MetaTrader 4.0 Templates

To view each tour, choose the format you prefer. To install a specific format, choose from the following:

If you require assistance, please send us an email at support@compassfx.com.

Disclaimer: Virtual Tour trainings are designed to instruct and provide basic guidelines of using the CompassFX trading platform. However, nothing presented in these trainings are intended as, or should be construed to be, a recommendation to buy, sell or hold any specific instrument. The information, techniques, and software trading platform presented should only be used by traders and/or investors who are aware of the risks inherent in trading.

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